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Historical evolution      

1.Sijhou health center was established according to all hygiene organs of counties and cities of Taiwan Province on August 31, 1949.  It was under the jurisdiction of the health yuan of Taichung county government.   At the initial, borrowed the office of Sijhou District Office to handle the work.  Offering services such as hygiene administration, people's health care, immunization campaign, etc.

2.The clinic was established on March 20, 1950. Because the office space was insufficient, moved to a residential house at No. 15 Zhongshan Roadto.  The house was borrowed and used as office to handle clinic medical treatment.

3.On June 22, 1950, because our town was vast, to better serve the remote area.  Selected Siaba (the current Chenggong) town and Erdi elementary school at Santiao town.  Set up two clinics to handle work, such as health care, clinic, school hygiene, epidemic prevention, feminine hygiene for remote regions.

4.Changed to be subordinate to the Health Yuan of Changhua county after dividing the administrative districts of counties and cities of Taiwan Province in October of 1950.

5.The government started paying attention to the hygiene work in 1952, received assistants from United Nations to extend the health center.  Our center received subsidize from the Chinese Agriculture Rejuvenated Committee to start the first phase construction project.  The new building was completed and launched on January 25, 1954.

6.All Health Yuan of counties and cities reformed system to become the Health Bureau in 1960.

7.Changed to be subordinate to Sijhou District Office in 1962.  Till 1974, it changed to be subordinate to the Health Bureau of Changhua county.

8.In 1982, Build new office and Chenggong clinic with subsidize from the Special Fund of Health Department of Taiwan Province.  The build was completed and launched in January of 1983.

9.Built another three-story building behind the existing office in 1993 to 1994.  Combining two buildings, we get total working space of 680 ping, which resolved our spacing problem.

10.On June 21, 1991, established the medical group practice center.

11.In July of 1994, established the hygiene promotion committee of Sijhou Township.

12.Handled the whole people's health insurance clinic medical treatment on March 1, 1995.

13.Established the health campaign volunteer team in July of 1995.

14.Established volunteer team of the health center in July of 1999.

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